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Welcome to HGHFinder.com. There's a lot of HGH Scams out there today on the internet and people don't know who to trust. I've taken many of these pills, supplements, and injections, and I'm here to share my experience and let you know what the best things to try are.

Now, I'm not a believer in bad mouthing people or companies, because who knows - maybe some things work for other people that didn't work for me. After all, every one is different.

Many people don't know that HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is natural to the body. The problem is that as we get older, our natural HGH levels decrease! Thus, people turn to HGH as the "Miracle Drug" and "Fountain of Youth" because it can help you look younger when you take it as you get older.

Bottom line, I found out that "I paid for what I got". I would spend $20 on capsules around the internet and they did nothing. I went to GNC and Vitaminshoppe -- Result: nothing. Their supplements seemed very weak to me. I went and tried GenF20 - Nothing! I read reviews about HGH.com, and said why-not try the products on HGH.com: Result - Amazing!

I thought it was too expensive, so I looked around for cheaper solutions. But it turns out that they manufacture their own pills, so it was impossible to find any generic versions. I am here recommending HGH.com's products.

You don't need injections or steroids! Trust me!

Injections are not safe if you don't know what you are doing. It used to be that the only way to get HGH was thru injections. Technically, this is true. You cannot get true "HGH" unless you "inject" it. HGH is a controlled substance that you need a perscription for. It's usually given to you by your pediatrician or physician to help you your height growth if you have a natural dificiency - and even then it's meant for young children before they hit puberty. It's not meant for Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa to hit home runs (although it seemed to work for them).

What am I getting at? HGH is a complex molecule that contains 191 Amino Acids HGH interacts with receptors on the surface of cells to stimulate growth... When injected, HGH produces these amino acids... But why inject it - just take these amino acids naturally and safely in the form of a pill! Why inject? Don't inject!

Answer: Take them in a pill. Buy HGH in the form of a pill. http://www.hgh.com/Somatropinne.asp

I've taken them all - trust me, this is the best.


There's plenty of garbage out there. Be careful. Make sure the web site that you buy from Lists ingredients and reviews. That way you know they have nothing to hide.