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Do I need a perscription for HGH?

Do you need a perscription? The answer - Yes and No!

YES - I know that's not very helpful. You do need a perscription for injectable HGH. But, like I said, why use injectable if you can get the benefits in a pill! Chances are you cannot get the injectable legally if you're using it for bodybuilding purposes anyway, so try this first. There are places on the internet to find inectables "legally", but in my opinion, it's not worth it. You will have to fill out a patient form and go thru international pharmacies to get a perscription without a local doctor. And you can legally import it as the government lets you import non-FDA approved drugs up to 3 times per year (from what I understand, but I am not an expert on FDA anything).

BUT NO - Don't bother with injectable! I look great, got fantastic muscle, and feel incredible - all from NOT injecting! Get Somatropinne. Get it today - take it for 3 months, you will love it.

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